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Change for a Charity!
Change for a Charity!

My Story

Ive created this page in hopes that I can help make a difference to someone going through a challenging time.

When I was pregnant, I knew from about 20 weeks my son would need open heart surgery.
I was told he had 2 very large holes in his heart, which would need to be repaired within the first 3 months of his life.
We lived in Darwin, NT and this would need to be done in Melbourne, very far from home and family.

Oliver was born 6 weeks early and weighed a small 1.4kgs.
He was so tiny and at just 10 days old he went into heart failure.

We were told that if Oliver had his surgery this young and still so small, there was a high change he might not make it.

For the next 11 weeks he fought his battle, requiring breathing support untill he was finally old enough and it was deemed safe enough for him to have surgery.

On the 31/7/2017 Oliver underwent Open Heart surgery like a champ and the surgeons where able to repair his heart.

Oliver was in Intensive care for 5 days following his surgery and during that time we were not able to stay with him.

I am truly grateful for the Ronald Mcdonald House in Parkville, and that they were able to provide a warm, safe place for us to stay only a short 2 minute walk away from our son.

If it wasnt for the generosity of peoples donations we might not have been able to stay somewhere so close to our boy, and we are so grateful this service did not cost us anything, it took away the financial burden from such a difficuly situation and I will be forever grateful.

In return I would love to give back, and continue to help families who are doing it tough, even something as small as a $5 donation goes along way, and to that family who have to leave their critically ill child in the hospital overnight, it means the world that they know they are only a quick run away!

Thank you all for your kindness. Xx
Bianca and Oliver.

Thank You

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